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Food & Dining in Ghana

The bedrock of most meals in Ghana is rice and beans, garnished with onions, hot pepper, coconut oil, shredded lettuce or tomatoes. Seafood along the coast is excellent and well-prepared. Do try fufu (it looks like a lump of boiled dough, but it's pounded yam – tastes similar to Hawaiian poi), which is served with various sauces. One notable meal is fufu in a spicy red sauce, served with a big piece of freshly caught tuna cooked in the sauce. There is also an increasing variety of international cuisine in Ghana, found mostly in the better hotels. Indian-style and British-influenced foods are fairly common, and most towns of any size boast at least one Chinese restaurant.

Beer drinkers will want to sample Star Beer, well-known in West Africa, although there are several other lager-style brands that you can choose from. If so inclined, try pito, the local alcoholic drink made from millet. The adventurous will seek out palm wine or even akpeteshi, a very strong "gin" made from distilled palm wine.





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