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Bringing Pets

Pets must have a recent certificate of vaccination against rabies and a certificate of good health signed by a veterinarian not more than 10 days before arrival. If the certificate does not have a block that can be checked to clear the pet for international travel, the words “international health certificate” must be typed onto the form itself. Do notify the relevant Ghanaian authorities well in advance if you plan to ship a pet. Fax copies of your pets’medical credentials as soon as you have them in hand.

Except under the most unusual conditions, your pets should arrive with you on the same flight and be checked baggage. Should the pets be shipped by airfreight, they must be processed through customs and animal control at a remote location of the airport where clearance procedures are much more stringent and very time-consuming. Several veterinarians practice in Accra. Rabies is prevalent in Ghana; however, the local vets can administer the vaccine.





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