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Shopping in Ghana

Almost all commodities, including luxury items, can be found in the shops and markets. In all the northern markets, earthenware pots, leatherwork, locally woven shirts and Bolgatanga baskets woven from multi-coloured raffia are sold. Shopping day trips are organised by the Ghanaian Tourist board.

Shop for kente cloth, an expensive material worn on ceremonial occasions. The colourful geometric patterns have historic meanings – do see the displays at the National Museum in Accra or ask salespeople about the name, design and history of the cloth you are purchasing. The cloth can be bought at traditional villages such as Bonwire or Adangomase near Kumasi, or Kpetoe or Tafi Abuipe in the Volta Region. Also look for Adinkra cloth (colourful hand-stamped material), wooden stools, dolls for fertility (which are known as Akua'ba) and other magical purposes, real or simulated gold weights, wood carvings, ceramics, jewellery, brassware and oware game boards (some with intricate inlaid patterns).

Artefacts from the Ashanti region and northern Ghana can be bought along with attractive handmade gold and silver jewellery. Modern and old African art is also available (although prices are high), in particular, Ashanti stools and brass weights formerly used to measure gold. Kumasi is especially rich in Ashanti crafts. Be prepared to bargain in the local markets.

If you want something really unusual (and can afford to ship it home), consider a custom-made coffin. In choosing your specialised coffin, the tradition is to select something that represents you or something you always wanted but could never have.





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